This documentation section provides information about the purpose of an implementation plan. Reference the methodologies used in the project and describe technical information relating to the system. Project Overview This section provides a short history of the project, including a detailed description of the project and its organization. Project Description This section presents the purpose and objectives of the project.

Project Documentation This section provides information describing the documentation needed to support the project. It defines types of documentation, how they are used and what kind of users should be involved. Release Notes This documentation section defines the documentation that will be required once the project is released under the various licenses applicable to the project.

Release Notes This section provides a brief description of those issues that will arise during and after the release of a software product. It then explains what the associated documentation will look like and when it will be required. Selecting appropriate documentation This section provides a short description of selected features that should be considered for a software product and explains what kind of users should consider reading them. Concurrent Exercises This brief description describes the activities that occur simultaneously with other users during an exercise.

Technical Issues This section provides some high-level overviews of important technical issues. The first thing this section does is to introduce you to the key business functions of your product. The second thing is to describe the scope of each business function. Then it describes the scope of business functions relative to other functions in your software product. This section also explains how each function fits in with other business functions.

Project Reference This section provides information on any open source software associated with your product. This section can also be used to describe the scope of your product in relation to similar software products that have been released in the market. This section can also include a project history summary to provide a timeline of your project. This section also describes how the source code for this project was transformed into a version that is compatible with different programming languages. This section helps programmers write unit tests that verify the expected behaviors of this software.

Customer Overview This section provides an overall overview of your customers and their relationships to you. This overview can sometimes be referred to as your corporate philosophy. A customer overview can include the following topics: your company’s philosophy, the core values of your company, your marketing strategy, customer service, and competition. A customer analysis can further break down these topics into subtopics such as competitive position, financial position, customer satisfaction, customer behavior, and customer expectations. This section also describes how the different aspects of these topics fit together and explains how they affect you as a company.

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