It is no secret that the leaders of political correctness cannot be defined as anything other than Hypocrisy. If I am to be believed they are not people of faith but parasites feeding on political incorrectness. They have abandoned the wisdom and knowledge of our past generations and they purport to speak for all of us while practicing political correctness at the same time. These are the very values you should be rejecting when you consider Toxic Feminism and you should know that you have many options in addressing this situation.

One alternative to the toxicity of toxic feminism is to look at those who are actually doing the bad things rather than what they claim to stand for. In fact, I would go so far as to say that they are doing the right thing simply because they have a higher moral compass and are thus better able to see the obvious. This is much more the norm of Men and Women in general and they do not see political correctness as such a bad thing since it means we are getting down in the dirt to fix the world we have created.

Another choice is to use logic and realize that if all political correctness was bad then no one would use it or even give it a try since everyone would be walking around with their head held high and speaking lofty words of knowledge. Indeed, it is not a bad idea to use logic, especially if you are trying to refute the false premises of toxic feminism such as the myth of white privilege. This myth has been used to excuse any violence against women by pointing out that those who commit such acts are not privileged. It is an attack on equal rights and on the equal freedom of all people.

It is important for women to realize that they are not the ones causing all the problems in the world and they are certainly not the ones living in it. The root cause of these problems exist in our minds and in our societies. It is up to each of us, individually and together, to remove these roots and eliminate the root cause of these problems. If we do not do this then we will continue to allow political correctness to corrupt our minds and keep us from seeing the truth about the real world we live in.

The truth about toxic feminism is that it is using politically correct language to silence any opposition to its political ideas. This includes the use of the word “rape” to describe non-consensual sex. It also includes threats to punish women who have the audacity to challenge the false premises of these theories. Most notable among these theories are that women are responsible for violence against men and that men are not responsible for violence against women.

It is time for women everywhere to wake up and see the reality of what toxic feminism is doing to our society. This ideology promotes the idea that women are weaker than men and that we should not expect better of them. It makes women feel like they need to be politically correct or be taken seriously when they speak out against it. We are tired of being told that our opinions do not matter. Enough is enough.

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